Why Scanning For Bone Density Necessary

The scanning for bone density is necessary in order for the presiding examiner to measure the actual strength of the patient’s bones. Without strength in your bones you would be pretty much left in no-man’s land. A bone density scan in Vernon is also known as a DEXA scan. It can be described as an X ray exam. It is a good idea to have such a scan every few years, particularly if you are getting on in years.

Because it is true. The older you get, the more brittle your bones become. It would not have mattered whether you were male or female or even transgender, the results are still the same. It would not have mattered just healthy you are. This is something you simply cannot hold back. Ageing. It happens to everyone else, so it is going to happen to you. Eventually. So, do yourself and the rest of your body a good favor and go get yourself a bone density scan every other year.

bone density scan in Vernon

Anyway, the primary reason for getting that bone density scan in the first place is to make sure that there has not been any serious bone loss. It is usually referred to as osteoporosis. This is a physiological state of affairs that mostly affects the women. But could it be true. Could this be a state of affairs that affects transgender women. The layman, he of an enlightened mind, likes to believe that this is a distinct possibility.

It would of course have to depend on just how far the lady in question has ‘transitioned’ and when. Even so, no matter what, this is a human state that could be written in the genes. But no matter what, do make sure that you get yourself ‘tested’.