Why do Mosquitoes Come to My Home?

Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? That likely does not ease the fear that mosquitoes cause during the summer, however, since this pest comes out in swarms and seems to show no mercy for its victims.

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There is also some science behind those mosquito bites that might explain why you are the chosen one. For example, mosquitoes are attracted to certain scents more than others. Other mosquito triggers include:

·    Pregnant Women: If you are carrying a baby in the oven, expect to be a special meal for mosquitoes who prefer the blood from a pregnant woman.

·    Carbon Dioxide:   We emit carbon dioxide as we breathe. It becomes stronger when we exercise or participate in other activities.  This increase signals a reaction from nearby mosquitoes who then come in for the attack.

·    Body Odor: Mosquitoes are attracted to different compounds in the body. Sweat is one of their favorites, so a person who is hot and sweaty is at greater risk of a mosquito bite than someone who is not.

·    Colors: Many people think that it is a myth, but mosquitoes really are attracted to some colors more than others. Science tells us that mosquitoes prefer the color black, but that is about all that is known.

·    Alcohol: Although additional research is needed, several studies suggest that mosquitoes may be attracted to alcohol. So if your outdoor fun consists of adult beverages or you’ve had a few already, you are prime time delicious for a mosquito.

Mosquitoes take rein as an annoying pest, perhaps the most annoying of them all. Call a professional for mosquito treatment middletown so this pest does not interfere with your summertime outdoor fun. Numerous treatment options can ensure this pest does not ruin your summer before it even gets started.