The Different Types Of Teeth

There are a lot of different teeth out there.  We have teeth that we have naturally in our mouth and we have a wide range of artificial teeth.  When it comes to teeth many people will look at them in different ways.  To start with, knowing what type of teeth are out there and if they are real teeth or fake teeth harrisonburg can be an interesting piece of trivia

Baby teeth

We all start out with baby teeth. Baby teeth start to come in when we are one years old.  These teeth will help us transition from breast milk and a liquid diet to more of a solid based diet.  When we are babies we will start drinking from a bottle, then transfer over to soft baby food.  Then from there we will start to explore adult or solid foods.

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Adult teeth

Our adult teeth start to come in when we are six or seven.  This is where our baby teeth start to fall out and are replaced with our adult teeth.  The adult teeth, if well maintained will last us the rest of our lives.  However, if for some reason our adult teeth begin to decay, then we need to look at other alternatives.

Costume teeth

The next set of teeth that we can look at is fake or costume teeth.  These teeth are typically made out of plastic or other material.  Many people will use these teeth during Halloween or other festivities.  When we look at costume teeth they will generally go over our real teeth as a veneer.


The final set of teeth we will talk about are dentures.  Dentures are teeth that when needed will act like our normal teeth.  These are used generally by elderly people when their natural teeth have fallen out or need to be extracted.