Should I Pull My Child’s Loose Tooth?

Many of us remember having our parents pulling our teeth as children, but was it necessarily the best thing to do? You might want to continue the same tradition with your child. After all, you have to give them a little bit of money from the Tooth Fairy when they lose a baby tooth, right?

Well, you might be surprised to learn that pulling your child’s loose tooth may actually not be the best idea to do. There are a few reasons why this is a bad idea, and why you should never attempt to do it alone, and instead should make an appointment with a pediatric dentist near me monrovia professional to handle it if needed.

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Why Should You Not Pull Them Yourself?

While you may not have known this as a kid, it is actually not a great idea for parents to be pulling out their children’s loose teeth on their own, and without the proper dental equipment. You see, pulling out a loose tooth yourself could easily make parts of the tooth break off and leave bone behind inside the tooth’s now empty socket. It could also damage the tissue around the tooth, and either of these issues could lead to infection in the tooth.

One of the best things to do when your child has a loose tooth is to simply leave it alone, in fact. You don’t actually have to force a loose tooth out when it is seemingly ready to come out. Normally, with a little time, a loose tooth will fall out completely on its own, without any manual intervention.

If for some reason a loose tooth absolutely needs to come out at this exact moment, then your best bet to make sure it is done safely is to get in touch with your pediatric dentist to do the job. This way you can know it is being done professionally and with care, ensuring no bone or tissue is being damaged in the process, which also makes for an overall more pleasant experience for your child.