A Look at the Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

Most of us experience anxiety in our daily lives. Anxiety comes when we have a big test coming up, when kids are not listening to us, and in so many other situations. But, for some people anxiety turns into an anxiety disorder that may require medical treatment. How do you know that regular anxiety has turned into something worse that may need medical intervention to resolve?

1- Restlessness

Do you feel antsy and restless more often than not? This common sign of anxiety occurs due to heightened sense of awareness and affects most people suffering from an anxiety disorder.  If you cannot get comfortable and seem restless more often than not, anxiety could be the culprit.

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2- Agitation

Do things seem to bother you that most other people blow off their shoulder? Are you always worried, stressed, or angry? Agitation is yet another common sign that you might suffer from an anxiety disorder.

3- Trouble Sleeping

People with anxiety disorders usually either sleep too much or they sleep too little. Which category do you fall into? People who sleep too much report waking up still feeling groggy and sluggish if they are impacted by an anxiety disorder. If sleep trouble evades you, consider anxiety disorders a potential cause.

4- Can’t Concentrate

Does it seem like you’ve lost your ability to think or focus? It is terribly bad for people suffering from anxiety disorders. No, you are not losing your mind or getting up there in age!

If you experience any of the above signs and symptoms of an anxiety disorder, schedule an appointment with your doctor. You can get back to your old self and keep anxiety at bay with the right anxiety treatment fayetteville ar experts. Together with the doctor, finding that treatment is possible.