A Few Easy Tips for a Faster Surgery Recovery

Upcoming surgery in your future? Want to ensure it goes as safely and smoothly as possible? Recovering from surgery happens easier if a few steps are taken pre-surgery. We’ll share a few tips to help ensure you recover from your surgery with complete success and in as little time as possible.

Drink Clear Liquids

Water and other clear liquids pre-surgery are better for your body and ensure faster recovery after the surgery.  This technique helps reduce the short-term insulin resistance that many patients experience after a surgery. Clear liquids are less devastating to your body organs as a bonus so make sure to consume light colored liquids on a regular basis.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Your doctor will discuss the procedure with you during a consultation. Each procedure has its own set of p precautions and rules that you should follow. The doctor will also provide you with a list of instructions to follow pre-surgery. Adhere to this information, even if some of it seems silly. Doctor knows best and the information on the list only helps keep you safe.

Eat Your Protein

Consume plenty of protein pre-surgery. Protein promotes wound healing and supports your immunity, both of which are extremely important when you are in surgery. Lean protein choices like fish and poultry make a great meal!

Stop Smoking

If you cannot stop smoking for good, at least temporarily kick the habit before surgery. Quitting has tons of health benefits and you’ll feel better. Before surgery, not smoking reduces the risk of blood clots and other problems.

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The above tips are a few that can help improve recovery for anyone heading into a mt pleasant surgery center in the near future. Keep this information in mind and stay safe and protected!